Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keeping an eye on the neighbors

I've gotten in the habit of taking photographs almost every day, but most days I don't even leave my house. Keeping the photos from being repetitious is challenging, to say the least, so that's where my neighbors' yards come in handy. Sometimes I can stand in my own backyard and see things over (and through) the fence that are photo worthy. Here are a few recent shots:

The first two photos show the efforts of my neighbor up front, the mother of the family who lives across the carport from me. Her green thumb is responsible for the plants and flowers that greet my visitors, as well as hers, and I'm grateful that she has a knack for  gardening.

The neighbor on my left owns this precious little dog, Buddy, who runs the fence line with Levi almost every day. This neighbor, too, is a wonderful gardener, one who grows fruits and vegetables as well as a few flowers. Those beautiful pear tree photos I showed you a while back? That tree is hers.

The neighbor behind me has trees, trees and more trees, and I enjoy every one of them. This one, with its leaning trunk, is my favorite, especially when the early morning sun lights up its tender new leaves.

This photo was also taken through the back fence. The geese don't live there, but they've been frequent visitors over the past couple of months.

The neighbor on my right does no more gardening than I do (none), but my eyes and my camera lens are drawn to some of the manmade things I see over there.  This wind chime hangs in her carport:

And this stately lion guards her driveway:

I've never paid too much attention to this house two doors down, but the way the sun was shining on it today made me take a closer look.

The colors were so bright and cheerful that I thought you might enjoy them, too, and that's how easily this blog post was born.


  1. It's a wonder they don't ask what you are doing out there pointing at their houses!

  2. Holly, I'm not pointing my camera lens at any one thing for more than a few seconds, and if my neighbors are outside, I don't aim in their direction at all. Also, it isn't as if I'm taking photos through a knothole in a wooden privacy fence. Everything in these pictures is right out in the open, clearly visible -- with or without a zoom lens -- to anyone who looks in the right direction.

  3. Love that yellow house! so sunny. I also like the Easter egg houses! I like it when people have the guts to paint their houses in pretty colors. And, that little dog is so cute!

    I wish I could say that my neighbors have interesting stuff to look at!

  4. Happy Easter, Velvet....God Bless you!

  5. Thank you for sharing those lovely photos - always a treat to see life across the fence - or across the big pond!

    I love that house, it has such a mysterious atmosphere that begs further investigation. lol Beautiful trees (my garden is full of them)and Canada geese - how nice to be surrounded by such treasures.

  6. That last photo is truly gorgeous.


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