Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, Everybody!

I hope you're safe, warm, happy, and spending Christmas in the company of the ones you love.  Oliver and Lucy, the granddogs, spent the night with Butch, Kadi and me, and we slept in on this rainy morning. This afternoon I'll be with the rest  of my local family at my younger daughter's home, and tomorrow I'll get to see my sister and my niece. My heart is full of love.

The happy glow I've been feeling for several weeks didn't particularly have anything to do with the fact that Christmas was approaching, but yesterday, when I found myself singing "Winter Wonderland" in the shower, I realized that the Christmas Spirit had finally kicked in.

My little sister made a minor change in the lyrics of that song when she was very young, and it's her version I've loved ever since.  My Christmas gift to you, dear readers, is a tiny snippet of song lyric that might bring you a smile:

"...Later on we'll perspire
As we dream by the fire..."  

Here's wishing all of you a happy, sweaty Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours Velvet!

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas with everyone you love....making good memories that will last until next Christmas and beyond. Give the fur-kids some love from me too.

  3. we have a pup here, sammy has one 7 months old and i tell you are going to be sorry and you old dogs are going to pack up and leave home. Sam's pup gathers all the stuff he can find in the neighborhood and bring the stuff to the front porch step. then I have to pick the crap up and take it to the trash can.
    some of his treasures of late included torn pink womans panties, US army cap and dirty baby diapers.

  4. Lovely tree, Velvet! How could you not use perspire instead of's perfect after sitting by the fire. heh!

    A merry, happy Christmas to you and your family, dear Velvet, and a happy New Year!!


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