Thursday, October 28, 2010

Owen's growin'

My granddaughter gave me permission to snag pictures from her Facebook albums to share with you.  This is her happy baby boy at seven months old:

Several teeth have poked through in the last month.  He's not quite crawling, but he's learned  that rolling over and over will take him where he wants to go.

As precious as he looks in the photo above, the next one is my favorite of the recent batch:

I'd give anything to know what he was thinking.  What do you think was on his mind?

Photos in this post by Kalyn Hoover


  1. "I feel the need to go poo..."

  2. I like Sandy's comment!

    Cute baby! hope you get to snag more photos!

  3. I think he's already gone poo...and is just now getting the drift, if you know what I mean. Heh.

    Adorable, adorable baby...thank you so much for posting!

    And you know what? You're the first person in the blogging world to know that I am expecting twin grandkids. In March. I can't seem to carry that secret around anymore!

  4. Janet, my granddaughter is great about taking and posting pics, so there'll definitely be more here.

    Marion, congratulations!!! Grandkids are the most wonderful "invention" ever. You can love them as much as you love your own children without bearing all that responsibility. I high recommend them!

  5. I'm certain, he's planning something!
    What a cutie! I know you are so proud!


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