Monday, August 30, 2010

Like slogging through molasses

Recently it seems as if everything I've tried to do has been more complicated than it ought to have been -- or taken longer than it should have taken.  In order to give you some examples of what I'm complaining about, I've been writing this post for more than an hour.  I've written long, detailed paragraphs about contradictory diagnoses and recommendations from a doctor, lengthy delays between communications with another business professional, and the general apathy of too many workers these days.  Oh, yes, and why there are dirty dishes in my sink.

After all that writing, I came to three conclusions:

1.  It's probably not a good idea to spread all my business out on the Internet;
2.  I could have unloaded the dishwasher and washed the dishes in the sink in less time than it took to write all those paragraphs which I will now delete; and
3.  I'm more pissed off now than I was before I started writing.

So, writing this post is the only example I'll give you today of something that turned out to be way more complicated than it should have been.

But that's just me and my bad attitude.

You have a nice day, hear?


  1. I feel that way most days! I really don't know where the time goes...

    About worker apathy... as someone who wants a job that would pay me for my time, so many I know that have a job are doing the work of three or four laid off co-workers. Many have taken a pay cut to keep said job. It wears on you after a while...

  2. I understand your attitude-I've felt like that a lot lately! At least you started writing-I have trouble even putting my fingers on the keyboard.

  3. "... and the general apathy of too many workers these days." Oh, we should talk. >:-/

  4. Holly, I understand that a lot of people are overworked. I've been in that position myself, and I agree that kind of workload can take a toll on a person. But taking more than a week -- on several occasions -- to return a phone call? Seriously bad customer service!

    Janet, I'm writing, yes, but some days it's like pulling teeth. I don't feel very inspired.

    Duly Inspired, sounds like we've been encountering the same kind of people.


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