Saturday, June 26, 2010

In the name of pretty

When I read Helen's post about late-night TV commercials, I was reminded of another commercial I saw recently. Over time we’ve all become familiar with TV ads for a well-known brand of undergarments for people who, shall we say, have bladder control issues.

The older I get, the faster I need to move after that first little urge hits me, so let me state up front that it’s reassuring to know that this type of undergarment is available. I hope I never need this product, but I won’t make fun of anybody who does. (Unless, of course, it’s the occasional astronaut who wears adult diapers to save time when she travels to kidnap her boyfriend’s other girlfriend.)

What caught my attention about the new commercial is the statement that their product is now available in prints and colors. Heh. Heh-heh-heh. Bwahahahahaha! Talk about putting lipstick on a pig!

Do you think the new colors and prints were requested by consumers? If not, can you imagine the sales genius of the ad man who managed to sell this idea to the product manufacturer? He must have been some VIP’s son or brother-in-law.

Now, I’m sure there are sexy, vibrant women in all parts of the world who use this product and whose partners understand the reality of the situation and find the women as desirable as ever. But I’m willing to bet the diapers, plain, colored or printed, disappear before any lovemaking gets too steamy.

I’ve been trying to imagine all sorts of scenarios involving candles, wine, batting eyelashes, and a healthy adult male’s reaction to the sight of fancy-printed diaper-panties. So far, every scenario I’ve come up with makes me laugh.

Do you think this is as funny as I do, or is my sense of humor just way too twisted? Am I the only one who thinks that even if she might be grateful to have these absorbent panties someday in the (hopefully distant) future, she won’t be deliberately showing them off to anyone just because they’re prettier now?

Maybe the colors and prints aren’t for others, you say. Maybe they’re to build the self esteem of the wearer. Hmm. Maybe. Whatever works, I suppose.

I guess it all depends on your point of view.


  1. sounds to me like another case of someone having to justify their job, forced to come up with some outlandish notion to avoid getting downsized.

    I was going to complain on my blog about a commercial I saw last night for denim-print disposable diapers, and the voice-over that said something like "now you can poop in style" or something equally offensive. What toddler cares about what color his diaper is?? Looks like another case of someone trying to avoid being laid off.

  2. This post was hilarious...I really never thought about candles, wine, steamy sex and...pretty, printed Depends! Since it seems that this whole scenario is not too far in the future for me, either, I guess I'd better think about how I might deal with having to take them off in a situation such as this.

    At my age, there will probably be some advance notice before the steamy sex, at which point I will change into something more appropriate.

    Soon they'll be applying lace to the leg bands!

  3. Similarly, there is a commercial running here for baby diapers. The child is a toddler and the diapers are denim print. The narrator is a man and the child is walking to his limo, and the narrator says, "I look good in blue, when I do number two I look like number one. I pooh in blue" Seriously! As if any mother changing dirty diapers cared whether the outside was faux denim!

  4. Oh, and I like your new layout!

  5. Janet, I guess this advertising trend could be called "pushing the panty envelope."

    Marion, somebody must be making some money off these diaper decorations. You should submit your lace on the leg bands idea to the Depends people. Oh, maybe they should have some animal print ones, too; that's always a hot look. :)

    Duly Inspired, you and Janet must think alike. Thanks for the compliment on the new layout, short-lived though it was.

  6. ROFL!!!!!! Velvet, you kill me with laughter!

  7. You know years ago I was speaking to my friend Rhea King and I commented that some Bathroom was very nice and they had the toliet seat covers...This was years ago now almost everywhere has them...Anywhoo she said, "What do toliet seat covers matter at our age. If we do not have our pants unziped and pulled halfway down by the time we hit the bathroom door we are going to pee our pants before we get to the stall." I will never forget it and it becomes more true with each passing day!...BTW love the new look!

  8. Holly and 4th Sister,
    Oops, sorry! Almost missed your comments.

    Holly, I'm glad you had a good laugh.

    4th Sister, you GAVE me a good laugh. Your friend Rhea told you the truth!


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