Tuesday, December 09, 2008


For the past week my thoughts have been scattered, flipping rapidly between operational budgets at work and Christmas shopping lists at home, leaving me with little blogging time and no well-thought-out topic to post about. Instead, I'll share with you just a few scraps of things that have crossed my mind:

When do the comments commence?
Last week I discovered that Blogger has a new option which reportedly allows comments to be embedded at the end of a post instead of on a pop-up screen or a separate page. The notice about the new option stated it's easier for commenters, and, as it's a feature I've admired on Wordpress blogs, I was tickled to select that option. Apparently they haven't worked all the kinks out of it yet. After getting a couple of e-mails letting me know readers were unable to leave comments, I switched it back to the old, tried-and-true method. Nothing good comes easily.


Verifiably nutty
Speaking of comments, when randomly generated word-verification letters pop up on my monitor, I jot down the interesting ones for my own amusement. Here are some recent ones, along with potential definitions:
1) zeolzens -- Mary Kate and Ashley in Paris
2) placeta -- A location, like a "place-ta" hang your hat.
3) voidists -- People who disregard everything you say.
4) kabal -- A conspiracy of diners at the Kountry Kitchen.
5) latedly -- How birthday cards I send tend to be.
6) bradys -- Mike, Carol, Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marcia, Jan and Cindy.
7) motortil -- Common phrase in the auto repair industry: "I won't fix your motortil you write me a big check."
8) sesanati -- A big city in Ohio.
9) merbopp -- A popular mermaid dance in the 1950s.
10) fadedine -- The condition of trying to eat when you're about to fall asleep.


Something fishy
Sometimes words offered up by spell checkers play tricks on unsuspecting posters. I saw the following comment on a political blog recently: "Obama is right, war is a salmon decision." Um...a solemn decision, maybe?


One way to love a dog
Because Butch gets frequent ear infections, I have to clean his ears weekly with an antiseptic solution, a process which he hates. To try to make it just a little easier for him, I've been holding the squeeze bottle of solution between my thighs for the past 45 minutes.


New use for an old household item
Have you read that some people are smoking duct tape these days? It's true. In fact, here in Louisiana you can't buy duct tape without proof of identification showing that you're over 18 years old. At the grocery store last week, the guy in line next to me wanted to buy a roll of duct tape and a bottle of motor oil. When the cashier explained why she'd need to see his ID, he shoved the items toward her, said, "Tell 'em they can kiss my a$$," and stormed out of the store. I hope his car didn't fall apart in the parking lot.

Senate seat for sale
I can't go to bed tonight without commenting on Illinois's governor, Rod Blagojevich, who was arrested today for reasons that included an attempt to sell Obama's vacated senate seat. Following a political season that made me think politicians' egos couldn't get any bigger, this governor proved me wrong. This is so outrageously appalling that it strikes me as really funny. Maybe I'm just laughing in relief that, for once, it isn't a Louisiana politician making this kind of news.


  1. It may have been 'Hodgepodge' but it made me laugh! Thanks...Carmon

  2. Yay! I can leave a comment!!

    We'll do anything for our dogs, won't we? even stuff we're embarrassed to admit.

    I was amused to read about that Illinois governor-the newspaper article I read this morning said he knew his phones were tapped but he went right on incriminating himself. All you can do is shake your head at the absurdity.

    I hadn't heard about duct tape being smoked. Unbelievable. First they take away the good stuff in cough and cold medications because it's used in manufacturing meth, now they regulate sales of duct tape. What's next on the "forbidden" list-Kleenex?

  3. THIS, "New use for an old household item" will have me laughing my a$$ off all day. Smokin tape, who-da thought? I'm so curious, I have to go out to my toolbox and roll some up, promise I won't inhale!

  4. Duct tape.....101 uses...oh my...

  5. Oh, my god! People smoke duct tape!?! Jesus, will someome make marijuana legal already.

  6. Great post Velvet! So much info here!

    My hiking buddy actually nukes Hank's ear meds for a few seconds!

    Re: the gov... I for one LOVE the color politics of Louisiana! But I was actually shocked to leard 4 IL governors have gone to jail in the last 40 years!

    For a good laugh, go read Blagojevich's bio on Wikipedia... The part about his feud with his father in law had me rolling!


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