Saturday, August 02, 2008

Happy birthday, Wanda June

Summer of 1957

When you found love and hope again on a Texas beach.

We miss you, Mother.


  1. What a lovely, happy picture! And a Happy Birthday from me!

  2. that's a wonderful photo! she looks so happy!

  3. She is so beautiful, Velvet and that was the same year I was born!
    What would she think to be posted on the WWW for all to see?
    Hope you are having a good Monday so far.

  4. Velvet, Your mother is so beautiful in that photo.

  5. That's just wonderful, Velvet. The photo and the few words.

  6. Your mother's life could be a good novel. She looks like Hollywood. So lovely.

    I know a little of her story from you blog and it is a good one with some chapters that make one life and a few that cause sobs.

  7. Velvet, started back to work...37 year of teaching.
    Can't type
    your should be your
    life should be laugh

    there may be more...I am too tired to look agian...again...oh, crap.


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