Sunday, May 18, 2008

Six random things about me TODAY

Three days ago, Alison tagged me with a meme. I'm supposed to list six random things about me today, so that's what I'll do. Unfortunately for you, dear readers, my answers would have been more interesting on the intervening three days, but on those days I didn't find time to post.

Here goes:

1. For breakfast today I had buttered toast with homemade blackberry jelly, a gift from a former client. It was delicious! I've never made jelly in my life, and I've always admired those who do it.

2. I stayed in my bathrobe until after noon, which kept me from walking out to the road to pick up the Sunday newspaper. By the time I got dressed, I found the paper right outside my door. Cool! (I suspect it was put there by my son-in-law, who came over to cut the lawn. Thanks, Troy, on both counts.)

3. The best part of my morning was the time spent snuggling on the sofa with Butch. He slept with his head on my lap for nearly two hours, during which I channel-surfed and watched some really boring TV rather than take a chance on disturbing him. Snuggle time with him is too precious.

4. I filled up my gas tank today, paying more than I've ever paid in my life to do it ($3.79/gallon). That, I'm sure, is an experience I share with many of you, and I find it appalling.

5. While I was out, I picked up a 12-pak of Diet Coke, went to Sonic to pick up lunch, then went to Hot Wok to get egg foo yung for supper. There'll be enough leftover egg foo yung to eat for lunch tomorrow. I chose to go to these particular places because I could go there without having to do my hair and makeup first, something I'd have felt compelled to do before the supermarket shopping trip I really needed to make. Now I'm good to go until tomorrow night. Draw your own conclusions about the logic I used to justify these errands.

6. I'll cry tonight, just like I do every Sunday night when I watch "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." I'm a sucker for a sentimental story with a happy ending.

I won't tag anyone, but if you feel inspired to post six things about your day (especially if yours was more interesting than mine), by all means leave a comment to let us know when you've posted.

Yawn. (Kadi just read this.)


  1. Now I feel like a dork cause I didn't read the "today" part when I did this! UGH!

    I'm just glad you found time to post! Hope the rain wasn't too bad for mom got a sink hole from it!

  2. Velvet, you need to live in the country where 'hair and makeup' never come into play before food! Holly, I read it as being six things that were true about you on that day, so I think everyone did it just right...Carmon

  3. CreekHiker, there's nothing dorky about you. After looking at other people's responses, I think I took the instructions too literally.

    The only problem our recent heavy rains caused for me was a lack of sleep due to some worried dogs. How big was the sinkhole at your mom's place?

    Carmon, I get your point about the hair and makeup, but the way I looked yesterday, I'd have spooked your horses.

  4. Velvet, Mom's sinkhole is two feet deep and about 2 1/2 feet in diameter. It has two long arms that run off off it too. But Mom has lived in BR for 17 years and there was no tree there. The city came out and determined it was not sewer related and they are coming back tomorrow with a camera.

    It's been non-stop excitement!

    Glad the weather's cleared out so Butch and Kadi will let you sleep!

  5. Holly tagged me and I thought I would have nothing to say but just walking out of my apartment here in South Korea can bring unexpected adventures. I probably would have never mentioned them so I'm glad I was tagged!


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