Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cold season

I have a three-day weekend.
I’m spending it in bed,
with tissues on the nightstand
for the fluid in my head.

I spent the whole night coughing,
so sleep was not to be.
My throat is sore, my body aches,
I have no energy.

Somebody came to work last week
with symptoms just like these.
We followed him with Lysol,
spraying after every sneeze.

But papers were passed back and forth,
and those could not be sprayed.
I washed my hands religiously,
but I was still afraid.

And right I was to fear those germs,
‘t was not just in my mind.
Those nasty things came home with me
and kicked my old behind.


  1. But not your sense of humor, bless your heart. I hope you feel better sooner than soon!

  2. Velvet, Hope you feel better soon. Several members of my family down there are all sick.

    Hope Butch and Kadi are taking good care of you!

  3. I'm sending you some virtual chicken soup. ~~~~ Feel better soon.

  4. You must not be too bad off if you could compose that! Impressive! My creativity when I have a cold is limited to what rhymes with NyQuil.

    Feel better soon!

  5. Hope you stay home until it's over!
    I always stayed home until I was not contagious, not so the people I worked with. I guess they thought being a martyr was better than being a saint and staying home!

  6. Sending healing thoughts and hoping you're feeling better very soon.

  7. Oh that's terrible! Feel better soon. How lucky that delerium makes you rhyme!

  8. Well at least I know Mike didn't give it to you! Feel better soon and try to enjoy the quiet time at home. Carmon

  9. What a wonderful sense of humor you have! I do hope you feel better soon.

  10. Oh this is such a nasty bug too....don't under estimate it! Hope you feel better soon...but you may have to call on Aunty Biotic to lend a hand. I had to take THREE rounds of them before I kicked its butt. Take care!

  11. Just checking in. Is your behind still kicked? I hope you're doing okay.

  12. Dang, I wouldn't have wished it on you, Velvet, or on anyone else. I do hope you feel better soon.

  13. Velvet, you are so talented...and hope you are all better now!

  14. are you feeling better yet?

  15. Hope you're feeling better Velvet and just busy catching up in 3D world.

  16. This is now Saturday and I hope you are well and rid of whatever it was. I suspect the flu.


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