Friday, December 28, 2007

The battle of the sexes

Apparently the difference between the male and female brain, the disconnect that makes it so difficult for each sex to understand the other, shows up at a very young age.

The walls are thin in my new office. We can almost always hear voices coming from the beauty shop next door, and today I could clearly hear two small children playing on the other side of the wall:

Little girl's voice: "Hello?"

Little boy's voice: "Hello, this is the FBI!"

Little girl's voice: (Muttering too softly to be audible.)

Little boy's voice (much louder now): "NO! I said, 'This is the FBI!'"

Little girl's voice (in a placating tone): "I know you did, but now I want to say, "You have the wrong number.'"


  1. That's hilarious! Thanks for sharing that!

  2. Too cute.

    I can't imagine how distracting the beauty shop noise is at work!

  3. Janet, I felt so sorry for the little boy. With just one sentence, the little girl was changing the course of his game. It must have been really frustrating.

    Holly, the noise is distracting, but the good news is that the beauty shop only opens Thursdays through Saturdays, so we have three days at the beginning of the week when they're not there.

    Normally, we hear voices but not well enough to distinguish the words. I think these kids must have been right next to the wall, and it happened to be extremely quiet on our side because I was the only one there at the time.

    It was fun to listen to the kids.

  4. Yes, the guys speak loudly, the girls speak placatingly. Usually. But not always. So guys, watch out.

  5. I wonder where it would have gone if she'd played along? what would he arrest her for?

    Happy New Year!


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