Monday, April 09, 2007

My favorite drop-in visitor...

...came by Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have to write fast in case he comes again today.

On Friday evening, when our dogs and the neighbor's had loud barking fits, Kim and I went outside and found the peacock on the roof again. This time he was peering over the edge as if he were looking for us. We ducked back in the house, shut the dogs in, grabbed a handful of dry cereal and apple bits, and stepped back outside to offer our guest a snack.

We started by tossing the treats up onto the roof where he snatched them up as quickly as they hit the shingles. Apparently we weren't dispensing them fast enough to suit him. He dropped to the ground, stayed a safe distance away for just a few minutes, then walked onto the patio and helped himself to the bites that had fallen short of the roof.

Saturday evening was a rerun, only the peacock didn't waste so much time sitting on the roof. As soon as he'd assured himself there were no dogs around, he jumped to the ground again. This time, he appeared to be quite interested in whether or not we had something to give him. He was cautious at first, waiting for us to pitch treats to him, but after a while I was able to coax him closer and closer until he took a couple of bites of cereal from my hand.

Yesterday he came early. Just before noon I heard him calling repeatedly, making more noise than I've ever heard from him. I picked up the goody bag and headed outside to find him sitting on the roof of the shed. As soon as he saw me, he hopped down and came quick-stepping. He ate all but the first bite out of my hand. When I decided he'd had enough and stopped feeding him, he walked at a leisurely pace to the very back of the yard, jumped up on the fence, then down on the other side and continued walking until he was out of sight.

We were concerned about feeding him something that might not be good for him, so we checked the Internet to find out what he can eat. Cereal and fruit are okay, thank goodness, and as soon as I go shopping again, he'll have his own personal supply of (highly recommended) dry cat food.

I normally don't like drop-in company, but I'm willing to make an exception for special friends.


  1. You have been deeply honored, Velvet.

  2. i wish i had you pretty bird

  3. Velvet, our bunch LOVES grapes. Thanks for the cat food tip.

    Enjoy your friend! Holly

  4. Wish he would come to see me. He is such a handsome visitor. I would cook up whatever he asked for.
    sis 3

  5. Such a handsome gentleman caller you have! I'm glad he's careful about dogs so hopefully he'll continue to pay his respects to you in the evenings for a long time. Carmon

  6. That's a great post! You're gonna have to give him a name now if you've bought food for him and expect him to visit regularly. I wonder if he'll bring his family sometime?

  7. Velvet, put something shiny (reflective) out for him. They are curious about their image, or if that's another peacock staring back at them, not sure. At the cabin, one would gaze for hours at his reflection in the hubcap of Dad's truck. He'd strut his stuff for the image, then ruffle his feathers and fan out his tail, etc. What beauties they are!

  8. this really neat, to have such a beautiful visitor is wonderful. our littles would be more than happy to feed him,

    peace and blessings


  9. Don't you wonder where this handsome fellow has come from? I don't remember ever hearing of wild peacocks in the U.S.

  10. I'm with Kat...where did he come from? What an amazing visitor!

  11. What a glorious creature! I would also be enthralled.


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