Friday, April 21, 2006

Gal, Friday

That's me, today. And it's been a pretty good day.

My boss is a fisherman first and a lawyer second. Today he and his wife were in Grand Isle buying a new fishing camp (to replace the one Hurricane Katrina blew away), so I had the office all to myself. I love that once in a while. I wore my comfy old jeans and a T-shirt, the phones were quiet, and I used the day to rearrange furniture and "reclaim my desk."

I'd swear that the minute I turn out the lights and lock the door each afternoon, the documents on my desk are all over each other, mating and reproducing like rabbits. Sometimes they get piled so high I almost have to raise my chair to work on top of the stack. Today I moved an extra table into my work area and stacked a bookcase on top of it, which gives me extra storage and plenty of elbow room--for now, at least.

We were supposed to have thunderstorms (or "thunderthorms" as the automated weather voice says), but all the angry clouds could muster up was about 15 minutes' worth, and the rest of the day was gorgeous.

The cherry on top of my delicious day was a package from a long-lost, recently found cousin. She sent pictures of grandparents and great-grandparents on my father's side of the family, some of them faces I never expected to see, and I was moved to happy tears.

In fact, I was so excited to get these pictures that it made me stop for a minute and reflect on the fact that my thrills are much, much quieter and gentler these days than they used to be. What does it say about me that my idea of a sensual experience is driving on new, smooth blacktop? And getting new pictures of the dearly departed??? OOOoooohhhhHHHH, maaaannnnn!!

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  1. when i was doing powell research i would get so envolved with the person we were studying at thhe time i would dream about them.


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